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What killed the dinosaurs
5/27/2018 8:07 PM
Dinosaurs, of course, had no way to prevent the asteroid that killed them, writes Steve Brusatte. But we have a choice—we can still stop, or at least slow down, pumping toxins into the atmosphere. Our choice will dictate whether we really are the dinosaurs: whether we go the way of T. rex and Triceratops, or whether we have learned from their sad s...Read More
Elon Musk has more to say about the media
5/27/2018 7:40 PM
In one Twitter exchange, Musk referred to newsrooms as "bleak" when NBC News reporter Ben Collins asked Musk if he"d ever spent time in a newsroom. ...Read More
Flash floods rush through Ellicott City, Maryland, trapping residents
5/27/2018 7:33 PM
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency Sunday in Howard County as a massive storm drenched the Baltimore region, triggering flash floods in Ellicott City. ...Read More
US sails warships past disputed islands in South China Sea
5/27/2018 7:32 PM
The United States has sailed two warships past a handful of disputed islands in the South China Sea, a move that drew the ire of Beijing. ...Read More
Giuliani says Mueller team "giving us the material" to undermine investigation
5/27/2018 7:17 PM
President Donald Trump"s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, defended the President"s political attacks against special counsel Robert Mueller"s investigation into the Trump campaign, suggesting that the origins of the probe are illegitimate. ...Read More
US lost track of 1,500 immigrant children, but says it"s not "legally responsible"
5/27/2018 7:16 PM
The federal government has placed thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children in the homes of sponsors, but last year it couldn"t account for nearly 1,500 of them. ...Read More
Colombia"s presidential election heads to runoff
5/27/2018 6:04 PM
With almost all precincts reporting, Colombia"s presidential contest will require a second round of voting. It is seen by some observers as a referendum on the country"s peace deal with FARC rebels. ...Read More
Muslims roast MAC Cosmetics for suhoor makeup tutorial video
5/27/2018 4:43 PM
MAC Cosmetics Middle East published a video on YouTube this week offering Muslim women makeup tips for... drumroll please... suhoor. ...Read More
Zinedine Zidane joins coaching greats with third straight Champions League win
5/27/2018 4:21 PM
Real Madrid"s 3-1 victory over Liverpool gave Los Blancos and their coach Zinedine Zidane a third straight triumph in the Champions League. ...Read More
Chelsea Clinton is exactly right about Trump
5/27/2018 4:03 PM
Chelsea Clinton is being wrongly attacked on social media for speaking the truth about President Trump and "what he"s doing to degrade what it means to be an American." ...Read More

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