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What happens if North Korea tests a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific?
9/22/2017 2:46 AM
North Korea just intimated that it may test a nuclear weapon somewhere above the Pacific Ocean. ...Read More
Former Australian PM Abbott "attacked by same-sex marriage supporter"
9/22/2017 2:37 AM
Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was allegedly assaulted while campaigning for a "no" vote in an increasingly divisive national survey over whether to allow same-sex marriage. ...Read More
Theresa May plans to break Brexit deadlock with call for "imaginative" deal
9/22/2017 2:25 AM
British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek to kick start the faltering Brexit negotiations on Friday with a proposal for a transitional deal that will cost the UK billions of euros. ...Read More
What is a hydrogen bomb and can North Korea deliver one?
9/22/2017 2:15 AM
North Korea says it may test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean, after claiming a successful underground test in early September. ...Read More
Soon all of Hong Kong"s dolphins will be dead
9/22/2017 2:15 AM
A near constant wind buffets the top deck of Boat 36826 as it patrols the seas north of Hong Kong"s largest island, Lantau. ...Read More
The first day of fall is here
9/22/2017 1:40 AM
Yes, the season for chunky scarves, pumpkin-spiced everything and fantasy football is upon us. Fall begins Friday in the Northern Hemisphere. ...Read More
"Dotard" or "old lunatic"? North Korea chooses its words carefully
9/22/2017 1:28 AM
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had some choice words for US President Donald Trump Friday, accusing the American leader of "mentally deranged behavior." ...Read More
US stealth fighter jets adding more firepower
9/22/2017 1:22 AM
The US military gave North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a rare sneak peek at its fighter jet of the future this week when four F-35 Joint Strike Fighters equipped with a full payload of live bombs and missiles conducted a training flight over the Korean peninsula. Read More
The world"s richest woman dies
9/22/2017 12:41 AM
Liliane Bettencourt has died, according to a statement released by her family. ...Read More
Trump goes to Alabama to save Luther Strange -- and spare GOP from Roy Moore
9/22/2017 12:29 AM
President Donald Trump is set to step into a Senate race in Alabama that will test whether his word is enough to sway Republicans in a hard-fought contest. ...Read More

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